Smartsettle ONE to Infinity Product Matrix

Smartsettle produces a complete product suite to enhance deal-making and dispute resolution capacities. This page compares features from One to Infinity. The world’s most advanced decision-maker suite scales from simple, single-issue cases to complex, multivariate cases. To speak with a representative, please contact us today.
Smartsettle ONE

DetailsSmartsettle InfinityDetails
Neutral SiteYesLike an intelligent unbiased mediatorYesPowerful neutral server manages confidential data
Number of Issues1Single numerical issueUnlimitedNeutral server manages any number of interdependent variables
Number of Parties2Multiparty function on drawing boardUnlimitedWhether gov’t, corporate or non-profit, any number of parties, anywhere
Session ManagementYesEnsures an orderly process and timely completionYesEnsures an orderly process and timely completion
Fairness AlgorithmsYesFair and prompt concessions rewardedYesFair and prompt concessions rewarded
Optimization AlgorithmsN/ANot relevant to single-issue casesYesOptimization uncovers hidden value
Web Browser-BasedYesSupports all popular browsersN/AModern browsers will soon be capable of handling Infinity’s loaded features
Desktop ClientN/ASmartsettle ONE was created specifically as a webappYesInfinity’s sophisticated controls are made possible by its advanced downloadable client
Case Value CapacityUnlimitedNo technical or theoretical limitsUnlimitedNo technical or theoretical limits
Quantitative IssuesYesTypically for monetary issuesYesHandles any type of numerical value (money, percentage, time, area, volume, etc.)
Qualitative IssuesN/AA single qualitative issue would not be practicalYesAny type of optioned variable (e.g. location, language, timetable, etc.)
Email AlertsYesChanges waiting messagesYesChanges waiting messages
SMS AlertsYesChanges waiting messagesYesChanges waiting messages
LicensableYesContact usYesContact us
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* Smartsettle ONE and Infinity are currently available as two distinct products. On our drawing boards is a new edition of Smartsettle that will combine the simplicity of One with the power of Infinity.

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